David Inskeep - Treasurer

Skills: Business Finance & Accounting, Business Operations, Business Strategy & Planning, Human Resources & Internal, Communications Sales, Marketing & Public Relations, Manufacturing & Product Development.

Industry: Banking, Financial Services,Insurance, Construction, Industrials& Utilities, Consulting, Research& Business Services Real Estate, Rental Services& Leasing Retail, and Wholesale Trade.

Address: 1003 Bannock Burn Road, Hutchinson, KS 67502
Primary Phone: 620-665-7655
Secondary Phone: 620-931-7382
Email: daveinskeep@sbcglobal.net

Career Summary: 38 years ofcommercial lending andworking with companies as large as $80,000,000 in sales and as small as $100,000 in sales. Worked with 1,500-2,000 different companies.

Education: BA from University of Missouri at Kansas City 200 hours of additional banking and business credits.

Dave Dukart

Skills: Sales and marketing, Business strategy and planning. Economic development.

Industry: Animal health and pharmaceutical sales and marketing, Agriculture production, Beef cattle production systems.

Address: Quest Center for Entrepreneurs, One East Ninth, Hutchinson, KS 67501
Primary Phone: 620-665-8468
Secondary Phone: 620-727-1301
Email: dukartd@hutchcc.edu

Career: Summary: 29 years with Elanco Animal Health, a division of Eli Lilly & Company. Life time in agriculture and beef cattle production. Quest Center for Entrepreneurs, Economic Development, Education

Education: B.S. Animal Science, Industry Management; Colorado State University

Ronald Hirst

Skills: Business Strategy & Planning, Business Operations Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
Manufacturing & Product Development

Industry: Agriculture & Farming, Consulting, Research & Business Services, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Car Repair & Maintenance, Nonprofit, Public & Professional Organizations, Real Estate, and Rental Services & Leasing

Address: 1508 W. Blanchard, South Hutchinson, KS 67505
Primary Phone: 620-665-8468
Email: qbc@hutchquest.com

Career Summary: Management& Ownership of Diversified Livestock& Farming Operation, Real Estate Brokerage & Appraisal, Farm Financial Analysis & Chattel Appraisal Company, Home Construction & Remodeling Experience, and Business & Financial Plan Development for Clients Along with Procurement of Financing for Small Business Startups.

Education: BS in Animal Husbandry at Kansas State University. Further Education Courses in Banking and Real Estate

Jack Martin

Dave Thomas

Skills: Business Finance and Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Public Relations

Industry: Consulting, Research & Business Services, and Retail & Wholesale Trade

Address: 10180 Paganica Pass, Hutchinson, KS 67502
Primary Phone: 620-665-1027
Email: thomas_dave@sbcglobal.net

Stephen K. Brownell

Skills: Financial/ Primarily in the mortgage lending industry. Marketing, InventoryManagement, Cash Flows

Industry: Banking and Retail Sales

Contact: abqjsbcorp@aol.com

Jay Pitzer

Skills: Sales, Marketing and Public Relations

Resume: Consulting, Research and Business Services, and Educational Services

Direct sales experience for over twenty years with multiple home care companies like Kirby, Bison, Panasonic, Etc. Sales Marketing and Sales Training and Development for Hutchinson Community College, Barton County Community College and Waukeska County Technical Institute. Mid-Management Retail and Marketing VocationalTeacher-Coordinator at HCC, BCCC, & WCTI. The last 32 years I have been in the Financial Services Industry working with individuals on their retirement planning, tax fee income, paying for education, preparing for the unexpected, and estate and wealth considerations. I am currently a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones.


Associate of Arts in Technical Education at HCC, A Bachelor of Science in Vocational Business Education from Emporia State University and 22 Masters hours in Business Education at The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Address: 10306 Riviera Circle, Hutchinson, KS 67502
Office: 620-728-1141
Home: 620-663-4322
Email: jay.pitzer@edwardjones.com

Jim Seitnater

Skills: Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations

Industry: Marketing, Advertising and Creative Services

Address: 2416 Nevada, Hutchinson, KS 67502
Primary Phone: 620-694-2677
Fax Phone: 620-694-2673
Email: jims@hutchgov.com

Jason Shipley

Skills: Business Operations, Business Strategy & Planning, Sales, Marketing & Public Relations, Manufacturing & Product Development, and Business Finance & Accounting.

Industry: Construction, Industrials & Utilities, Real Estate, Rental Services & Leasing, Retail & Wholesale Trade, Marketing, Advertising & Creative Services, and Homeowner-Services/Home-Improvement.

Address: 107 E 6th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501
Primary Phone: 620-200-9109
Email: jasonceceshipley@gmail.com

Career Summary: I have owned 2 small businesses and built them to a point to sell them. I have also managed several businesses, both small and large.

Mauricio Torres

Address: 530 N. Sheaffer, Macksville, KS 67557
Primary Phone: 620-388-0736
Email: crywolf_316@hotmail.com

Dianne Potter: Chapter President

Address: 1104 N. Wilshire Drive, Hutchinson, KS 67501
Primary Phone: 620-931-8150
Mobile: 620-899-9194
Email: diane@pottersplumbing.com
Website: http://www.pottersplumbing.com

Don Pfannenstiel

Address: 612 Newport Road, Hutchinson, KS 67502
Primary Phone: 620-694-9484
Secondary Phone: 620-662-2599
Email: dapfann@sbcglobal.net

John M. Holland

Skills: Start ups and Business Development, Operations and warehouse management/inventory control,and Franchising

Resume: Athis time of retirement Johnhe was the Director of Operations and Business Development for an International Franchise Company with over 3,000 locations within the United States. One of his many responsibilities was consulting with thenew franchisees, guiding them tosuccessful and rewarding business careers.

Phone: 214-676-9846
Email: jjhollandand@cox.net